You could lose all of your money invested in this product. This is a high-risk investment and is much riskier than a savings account. ISA eligibility does not guarantee returns or protect you from losses.

How It Works

Register / Open an Account
You will need to understand the risks and qualify in order to be accepted as an investor.
View Investment Opportunities
Once you have opened an account with Property Crowd, you will have full access to all our investment offerings, past and present.
Investment Due Diligence Reports
Detailed analysis and due diligence reports relating to an investment can be found in the Deal Room. The Deal Room can only be accessed by fully onboarded investors.
Place An Investment
Once you have chosen a deal to invest in, simply submit an allocation request and make sure that you have sufficient funds on account.
Monitor Your Investments 24/7
You can log in at any time to review your portfolio and check for investment updates. If you experience any difficulties please contact us.

Register / open an account

Property Crowd’s real estate investments are specifically designed for Sophisticated or High Net Worth investors whose suitability has been assessed and are sufficiently experienced to understand and appreciate both the risks and returns involved. Each investment opportunity is structured within its own dedicated SPV which will issue bonds to investors.

How long will it take to open an account?
About 10 minutes, subject to meeting all qualification criteria.

What does it involve?
We need to verify your identity and you must demonstrate that you understand the risks involved with investing.

View Investment Opportunities

Once registered, you can view our full selection of property investment opportunities.

Will it include past and present deals?
Yes, you will be able to see all of Property Crowd’s investment offerings, past and present, with full deal metrics and due diligence information.

What else do I get access to?
You will have full access to each investment’s Deal Room, where you can undertake detailed due diligence using all of the legal and financial information comprehensively provided by the originating Principal Lender.

Investment Due Diligence Reports

We offer investors access to a comprehensive suite of due diligence reports.

What do the reports consist of?
The reports offer a detailed set of documentation on each investment opportunity. Examples of available documentation include:

  • Overview of the principal lender sponsoring the deal
  • Particulars of the Property
  • Collateral and Security
  • Investment particulars
  • Overview of deal structure
  • Overview of capital structure
  • Details of the borrower
  • Default & Acceleration
  • Fees
  • Bond Term sheet
  • Valuation report completed by a RICS surveyor
  • Duty of care letter from the principal lender’s law firm addressed to the Property Crowd investment vehicle
  • Map view of location

Place An Investment

How do I proceed to invest in a deal?
Simply enter the amount and submit an investment request.

What if my account is not sufficiently funded?
If you do not have enough funds on account, your investment in the chosen deal will not be processed. You must ensure that sufficient funds are on account prior to the weekly close, when all investments are finalised and go live.

What happens after I have placed an investment request?
Your allocation request will be held as a pending investment request until the weekly close. Once complete, your dashboard will show an updated bond position and cash balance.

Monitor Your Investments 24/7

Any place, anywhere, any time.

Our dashboard is created with the user experience in mind.

What can I see in my dashboard?

  • Your current cash balance.
  • Your live bond holdings.
  • Position fundamentals such as yield to maturity, estimated redemption value and expected remaining term.
By confirming your registration, you accept these terms and conditions.

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