1. These Terms and Conditions set out the basis upon which Global Alternatives Operations Limited (trading as Property Crowd) will offer cash-back on bond investments made on or after 21 November 2017. Terminology used in these Terms and Conditions shall, where applicable, bear the meaning given to it in the Property Crowd Investor Terms and Conditions.
  2. The cash-back offer applies to any investment made into any bond available through the Property Crowd website that is to be held in a Property Crowd ISA Account. Investment may be made in cash or by transferring cash from an existing ISA(s) held elsewhere into the Property Crowd ISA account.
  3. Property Crowd will pay 2% of the amount invested in accordance with clause 2 in cash into the investor’s Property Crowd standard account (non-ISA).
  4. The investor does not need to take any active steps in order to claim their payment on a qualifying transaction, but the following conditions must be met in order for the cash-back payment in clause 3 to become due:
    1. investment must be made subject to and in compliance with the Property Crowd Investor Terms and Conditions and the Property Crowd ISA Terms and Conditions; and
    2. the investor must have funded their account and subscribed for the bonds on or before Wednesday 30 May 2018; and
    3. the investor must have opened their Property Crowd ISA Account on or before Sunday 31 December 2017 (although the account need not have been funded at that time). For the avoidance of doubt, a Property Crowd ISA Account that was opened before the ISA cash-back offer was launched satisfies this condition.
  5. Property Crowd shall endeavour to credit the cash-back payment to the investor’s Property Crowd standard account (non-ISA) on the Business Day following the day the qualifying bond purchase is executed or by 15 December, whichever is later. The money from the cash-back payment will not be eligible for inclusion within the investor’s ISA, although they may transfer it to their Property Crowd ISA Account to the extent that they have an un-used ISA allowance for the tax year in question.
By confirming your registration, you accept these terms and conditions.

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