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Student Housing Continues to Lead the Way in Returns Amongst UK Property Asset Classes

Leading independent real estate consultants Knight Frank have predicted that 2014 will see “increased rental growth, sharpening yields and improved investment performance” for student accommodation.

It’s a statement that confirms what has been increasingly clear to many keen investors looking for the best property investment. Student housing has consistently returned the highest yield of all buy-to-let property investments over the past few years, and the figures forecast that “total annual returns are projected to remain stable”.

With the number of students expected to increase by up to 20% over the next few years and student housing already critically undersupplied there is an increasing demand for student properties across the UK.

The white paper released by Knight Frank anticipated that with a 3% increase in student acceptances in 2014 alone, demand for such properties would continue to exceed supply for many years.

Critically, supply could be further hindered in city and urban areas by strict planning regulations and a lack of availability of suitable land or properties. This could result in an undersupply of prime city-centre student housing opportunities, making it important to quickly identify and act on opportunities as they arise.

Part of our service is to secure the best investment properties for our members, and we are pleased to say that Property Crowd investors have already added student accommodation to their real estate crowdfunding portfolios, in Southampton no less, identified earlier this month as the city boasting the highest buy-to-let yields in the UK. For more information about this opportunity, sign up for free access to our members only area.

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