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UK Leads the Way in Equity Crowdfunding

Finance website Every Investor recently applauded Europe and the UK for their innovation within the crowdfunding sector, particularly for recognising the power of equity. The review highlighted three key reasons why we are now leading the USA and the rest of the world in equity crowdfunding:

  1. First, recent years have seen more startups appearing in Europe and the UK, meaning investors have many more opportunities for financial growth.
  2. Second, the forward-thinking nature of regulatory context in this region is far more favourable towards crowdfunding and other new forms of finance than the stagnating provisions implemented in the USA.
  3. Lastly, although Europe and the UK have limited angel investors, there are a large number of ‘mass affluent’ individuals who have the necessary capital to support local business initiatives.

Property Crowd’s mission is to continue to pioneer equity crowdfunding by providing top-notch buy-to-let property investments in prime city-centre locations.

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