You could lose all of your money invested in this product. This is a high-risk investment and is much riskier than a savings account. ISA eligibility does not guarantee returns or protect you from losses.

Why Us?

Property Crowd is changing the way that professional investors invest in property.

We are part of Global Alternatives, which will launch a cross-border trading exchange for institutional real estate assets in 2019, enabling real-time asset allocation in the world’s largest asset class.

Our founders and advisors have harnessed their experience and skills to form a team geared to drive a unique and powerful technology-enabled proposition into reality.

This requires a diverse, in-depth knowledge of property investment, the global financial regulatory landscape and traded markets.

Our Value Proposition

Independent deal origination and management from a panel of experienced Principal Lenders
Fully-regulated clearing and custody arrangement with experienced Custodian
Property Crowd
Deal rooms facilitate
comprehensive but efficient
screen-based due diligence
Due diligence with
Professional Indemnity cover
from UK law firm
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