• Independent global property crowdfunding platform conceived with institutional and professional investors in mind.
  • Institutional grade debt and equity property crowdfunding investments in partnership with best-in-class principal lenders and institutional asset managers.
  • Property Crowdfunding 2.0 - for the professional crowd.
  • Prime Custodian Model℠ delivers a comprehensive institutional grade infrastructure which is compliant with cross-border regulations.
  • Minimum investment of £1,000 facilitates ease of asset allocation and diversification.
  • Debt, equity and hybrid investment opportunities originated in key international markets offering exposure to a broad risk and return spectrum.
  • Property Crowd is part of Global Alternatives, which will launch a cross-border property trading exchange in 2018.
  • All securities originated on our platform will be listed for trading, offering investors real-time access to an exchange order book.
  • Listing and reporting requirements designed to ensure comprehensive and timely provision of information to investors.
  • All investment information updated regularly and easily accessible through an intuitive online dashboard.
  • Streamlined and efficient facilitation of investment appraisal and transaction.
  • Standardised deal structuring facilitates ease of comparison, analysis, and allocation.

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