You could lose all of your money invested in this product. This is a high-risk investment and is much riskier than a savings account. ISA eligibility does not guarantee returns or protect you from losses.
Well-Established and Proven
Property Crowd investors have invested over £28 million alongside experienced principal lenders in senior and mezzanine loans of over £111 million enabling approx £366 million of real estate investment and development in the UK since February 2017.
Risk and return
  • Bonds backed by property loans; performance of the bond depends on the performance of the underlying property loan
  • Dedicated SPV for each deal - see key risks for further details
  • Lower volatility than equities, but with higher risks
  • Higher returns than government/corporate bonds, although the risk of default is higher than with a government bond
Easy access for qualified investors
  • Our property crowdfunding platform opens up access to deal flow normally available only to institutional investors
  • Low minimum investment circa £900
  • IF ISA and SIPP eligible
  • Strict qualification criteria for investors
Access to information
  • Our property crowdfunding platform allows you to select each investment individually
  • Comprehensive deal documentation available on each property, including detailed surveyor valuation report and bond term sheet
  • All investment information updated regularly and available 24/7 via online dashboard
Risk Control
  • Our property crowdfunding platform focuses on debt
  • Shorter investment terms of 6-24 months
  • Independent custody
  • Due diligence supported by international law firms
  • Co-invest alongside professional principal lenders who arrange and manage the deals

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