Institutional Investors Around the Globe Increase Target Real Estate Allocation

Real estate has always been an important asset class for institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolios of stocks and bonds with alternative investments. Institutional investors around the world have increased their target real estate allocations to almost 10%, shrugging off concerns about slowing returns and diminishing opportunities, a recent survey has found. The average [...]

Paradigm Shift: Property Crowdfunding Expected to Replace Buy-to-Let

With interest rates likely to remain low for the foreseeable future and no sign of the Treasury reversing its assault on the nation’s small army of buy-to-let landlords, the stage seems set for a paradigm shift in how UK investors in search of high-yield property investments will go about go investing in property. Harsher tax [...]

Real Estate Finally Gets Its Own Dedicated Index as Part of the S&P 500

Real estate stocks are finally getting their own dedicated index within the S&P 500, and investors worldwide are taking notice. In the short term, the move only affects REITs, but the broader implications for real estate as an asset class are clear. Portfolios that track the broader S&P index will have to be re-weighted to [...]